GenCon and Other Distractions

My apologies for the lack of content- less than two weeks after returning from Games Day, I had to leave for Indianapolis to work GenCon, and upon my return, immediately began moving into my new house. As such, I haven't had a lot of time to update.

Once I get settled in, I should be able to get some new things up. I've got some photos of the Death Star I built for GenCon, and some other goodies as well. Stay tuned!


I can't really think of a better inaugural post for Counter Clockwise: I finally* won a Demon! Bronze in the diorama category, to be specific. I've wanted one of these since the summer of 1989, when I was in my friend Jeremy's basement looking at his issues of White Dwarf. I had just begun painting figures after seeing some of his BattleTech miniatures. Before I'd begun, in fact, as we had just returned from our FLHS, University Hobbies, where I'd purchased my first figures and supplies: a blister each of Space Marines and Space Orks, some paints (the old square jars of Testors enamels), and some brushes.