2012 Demons Online!

Games Workshop has posted last years' Golden Demon entries to their website. Including my bronze diorama, mangled name and all. (And a photo only slightly less overexposed than the one that appeared in White Dwarf. But I'll take it; it's super awesome to see my stuff on their site.)

Accepting Commissions!

I am now taking commissions for squads, single figures, and small terrain pieces. It's Golden Demon season, so I don't want to take on armies or full tables, in order to leave some time for that. Once I get back from the show, though, I should be able to take on just about anything.

You can get hold of me via the Contact page.


EDIT: Welcome to those of you came here via Bell of Lost Souls! Just so you are all aware, the patterns and molds I produced for the X-Wing table are property of Fantasy Flight Games, and I cannot use them to produce additional tables, nor can I make/sell additional molds from those patterns, as that would violate the licensing agreement.

Woo hoo!

The January 2013 issue of White Dwarf is out, and my bronze-Demon-winning diorama is in it!* I've wanted to see something of mine in White Dwarf pretty much since I first saw a copy in 1989, which is what got me into the hobby. Life goal achieved.

Also, my "Forbidden Fruit" diorama is currently featured on the main page of Cool Mini or Not in their "New and Notable" section. It's been a good day.


*They massacred my name, though. Now I have to have it legally changed to "Bexely Andrejack." The photo is also really overexposed. The dark red/orange rust streaks look like orange Kool-Aid, and the Cadian army green looks more like neon lime green.

Galleries Updated- Again!

I've added some new galleries to both the miniatures and terrain sections.

Galleries Updated (10.23.2012)

Finally- content!

Death Star Table

Iron Painter 8, Round 4

Iron Painter 8, Round 6